We understand the challenges that you as a software product company faces in the areas of Technology, Quality, Scalability, Timeline, Processes.

Successful software products are not just about great ideas and cutting-edge technology, but also require an engineering mindset such as ours – that includes good planning, remarkable design, disciplined execution and a highly committed team with a sense of ownership.

Team Kanaka has

  • Solid understanding of web based applications through its evolutionary cycles by demonstrated expertise in building Industry strength applications.
  • Hands on experience in managing agile product development with multi-location teams.
  • Optimum onsite and offshore resources management to reduce time to market, resulting in cost effectiveness.
  • Worked in varied technology areas.
  • Experienced team members who have handled large Engineering and Product Development teams.
  • Team that engrained with the Product engineering mindset and the Agile development thought process.
Come partner with us, so you can focus on key market challenges while we take care of all other product engineering challenges.
  • Leadership

    Kanaka came into fruition when Aniruddha, Nikhil and Ujjwal were exploring the possibility of using their vast industry experience to fulfill a pressing requirement of software companies today.
    Uniquely positioned to share their extensive knowledge, the founding team at Kanaka.
    Aniruddha Paranjape

    Aniruddha Paranjape


    Aniruddha has 17 years of experience in Software Product Development with a focus on the banking domain for the past 7 years. Prior to founding Kanaka, he worked as Senior Director at S1 Corporation and was responsible for delivery of Professional Services and Support to customers around the globe. Aniruddha managed a team of more than 250 people, responsible for large multi-million dollar engagements for marquee banks including Deutsche Bank - Belgium, DBS - Singapore, UniCredit - Germany, Westpac – NZ. Aniruddha holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from University of Pune and a master’s degree in International business from Symbiosis University.
    Ujjwal Bhattacharyya

    Ujjwal Bhattacharyya


    Ujjwal brings over 14 years of experience in large government, private and public financial sector. He has had the opportunity to engage in Enterprise Architecture and Solution Design for large corporate and government organizations. He has worked on all key facets of Application development lifecycle, including Integration, Information Security, Business Continuity, and Project Management. Ujjwal carries a deep understanding of systemically important financial institution processes and systems. This he acquired through the design and implementation of a Service Oriented Architecture that he carried out at the US Treasury. Prior to that, Ujjwal was a key member of the team that developed Federal Reserve Bank Cash and Security management systems. Ujjwal holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Gauhati University and a master’s degree in computer management from University of Pune.
    Jagdish Ranade

    Jagdish Ranade


    Jagdish is the Chief Financial Officer for Kanaka. He oversees financial services functions of the company including Finance and Accounting, business planning process, ensuring regulatory compliance and reporting, managing risk and investor relations. Jagdish brings a deep understanding of business to matters financial with his diverse background of 20 years in strategic planning, financial accounting, budgetary control, risk management, internal audit, taxation and corporate governance. Prior to joining Kanaka, Jagdish served as Financial Controller, Audit & Regulatory compliance officer. He has been successfully running his own audit and accounting firm for last 15 years. Jagdish received a bachelor's degree in commerce from The University of Pune. He is a Chartered Accountant and a member of various professional organizations including the Information Systems Audit & Control Association.
  • Team

    The team at Kanaka believes in consistent delivery of business value in every engagement it undertakes. Backed by a team of committed, experienced and passionate technologists, we realize that our team is our greatest asset.
    • We are a rapidly expanding company growing at the rate of more than 100% year on year.
    • We recruit the smartest and sharpest developers in town, and foster a work culture that is conducive to professional development, thus reducing our attrition rate. Experienced full-time employees, who possess a Product Engineering mindset and are experts in domains like Banking, Electronic Payments, Financial Services, Capital Markets, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Supply Chain, and Renewable Energy make up the team at Kanaka.
    • Autonomy to the team creates a sense of ownership and pride in work that ensures a project’s success. Building confidence and trust in each team member, helps members identify their unique strengths and recognize their distinctive roles within the team, with ample opportunity to realize their full growth potential.
    • Kanaka endorses a culture of continuous learning. By introducing Agile and Scrum we constantly strive to adopt new techniques and refine old ones, creating the best value for our customers
  • Engagement Model

    Our client engagement models are as diverse and unique as you, our customers. We principally believe in a partnership mode. This provides us the flexibility that is required to customize and match our resources to yours in the best possible way. We provide the following modes of engage

    Dedicated Team

    Dedicated Team mode of engagement is especially recommended when the scope of application development is not clearly defined or evolves along with your project.

    Dedicated Development Center

    A dedicated development center for your exclusive development, maintenance and support of existing applications or products, and development of new ones is also an option to consider.

    Shadow Team

    Kanaka introduces the concept of a shadow team. The shadow team trains itself on technology and functionality for a particular project. It augments the main team or replaces members of the main team at short notice. At other times, the team works on problems, innovations and documentation, all of which aids the project.

    Joint Venture

    If an interested prospect has sufficient volume of business to have a team of 20+ professionals, we would be happy to consider entering into a Joint Venture. Kanaka would then be responsible for managing the delivery of the unit, whereas you, the prospect would guarantee flow of business. The terms of such a venture could be discussed mutually.
  • Advisory Board

    john philpott

    John Philpott

    John Philpott began his career as one of the founding team members of S1 Corporation (NASDAQ:SONE). S1 originated as the start-up creator of the first Internet Bank, SFNB, and grew to over $200m in annual revenue. While at S1, John served in a variety of roles including his role as SVP and GM of S1’s International business unit. Following S1, John became the Chief Executive Officer of IAS Software until its successful sale in 2013. IAS Software was a leading provider of technology to the Investment management and brokerage industry. Currently, John serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Bestow Financial, a financial services technology and services company.