As partners, Kanaka provides a plethora of services at any phase in the Product Engineering life-cycle for your product to meet with success.

Product Conceptualization
Product Conceptualization
We work closely with you to validate your product ideas, research the competitive market place for similar ideas, assess technology risks and develop prototypes to test customer and investor interests.
Agile Engineering
We bring product ideas into reality through a dedicated team that not only includes technical resources but also resources proficient in user experience, domain and quality assurance. We reduce the time-to-market for product releases by use of agile development methodologies that allow you to maintain your competitive advantage through incremental product releases.
Customization and Implementation
Enterprise products require a significant effort to implement products for customers. Customers also demand customization to tweak the product to their needs.
As a Product company, you face the challenge of setting aside resources for these services as it impacts your core product development.
We can help you set up Implementation teams, who can work with your customers on your behalf to install, implement and customize product.
At Kanaka we have various modes of engagement to suit your every requirement. Our solutions are tailor made for you.
independate validation
Independent Validation & Testing
We setup independent teams for quality validation and testing products developed by your team. Independent validation improves reliability of products and reduces support costs leading to improved customer satisfaction.
Maintenance & Support
Changes in the product imply releasing newer versions. However, not all customers quickly move to newer versions. Hence, earlier versions of the product need continued support. We setup teams to provide L1 / L2 support on a 24 x 7 basis, for continuous product fixes. L3 support for continuous product fixes for current, mature or sunset products.
Product Maintenace
Product Migration
Migration & Porting
Third-party technologies used to build the products tend to go through a life-cycle of their own. This requires the product to be migrated to the newer version technologies on a regular basis. Upgrades in client-end technologies like Operating Systems, Browsers, Devices, Hardware, etc. sometimes require changes in the application. We setup a SWAT team to assess impact of changes, determine issues and modify the software as required and certify it for the changed platform.